The Zelbrite® Advantage

Superior Water Quality

Superior Water Quality

Zelbrite® provides superior water quality because it is the only pool filter media that can filter down to 2 Micron. (Independently Tested)



You will save water, chemicals, time and energy. You have longer periods between backwashing.

Crafted By Nature

Crafted By Nature

A natural product with a small carbon footprint compared to other pool filtration media.



You get more for less. 75kgs of Zelbrite® achieves better results than 100 kgs of sand. It is the hardest and most durable media on the market...



It can be used in any existing pool media filter, i.e. no modification is required.

Superior Filtration

Superior Filtration

The only Pool Filtration Media that has been approved by Smart Approved Water, Waterwise and Save Water.

Zelbrite® – the only Pool Filtration Media approved by Smart Approved Water, Waterwise, and Save Water


Zelbrite® – used in Residential Pools

Zelbrite ®has been used and enjoyed in residential pools around the world for decades.

Naturally the best and keeps your pool sparkling clear!

Enjoy the Zelbrite® advantage.

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Australia’s Premier Pool Filtration Media

Zelbrite® is used in Commercial Pools Globally

Commercial pool operators who are using ZELBRITE enjoy the Performance of D.E. with the convenience of SAND. In fact, Zelbrite is the premier pool filtration media and used in commercial pools throughout Australia and in numerous other countries.

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I wish to let all know in the Aquatic family that Goulburn Aquatic Centre recently changed our gravitational filters with Zelbrite Filter Media and found the product to be of high quality. We have been using Zelbrite Filter Media in our Indoor pool for approximately 10 years with great water quality and the best part is having to perform less frequent backwashing. With Goulburn’s lack of water this has been of great benefit.

I can strongly recommend this product to anyone considering changing from sand or any other product to give it a go. After 5 months of having Zelbrite Filter Media in our 50m pool we have had no issues with our water quality even through our hazardous periods of smoke/ dust residue that have plagued Goulburn last summer.

Graham RutherfordAquatic Centre Operations Coordinator

Over the course of my life so far l have had 3 pools, each of them with sand filters, until on advice about 12 years ago I replaced the sand in my current pool with Zeolite.

Immediately I noticed much clearer water and a longer interval between backwashing, something I find wasteful of water.

By now I would have replaced sand at least 2 times, so I appreciate the longevity of Zeolite and the simple process of regeneration.

Stephen JonesSouth Australia

We previously had to change our sand filters every 18 months. Using Zeolite we get far longer usage, clarity of our water has improved, and customers are commenting on the quality of the water. We are happy to talk about and recommend the use of Zeolite and the results at our pool.

Geelong Aquatic CentreCommercial Pool Filtration

I would thoroughly recommend that anyone who has a pool large or small using a sand filter should change their filter media to Zeolite.

Mr. Joe PapadatosResidential Pool Filtration
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