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The Zelbrite Advantage

Better Filtration – down to 2 microns ***

Saves Water – double the time between backwashing.

Saves Chemicals – less top up water to be treated.

Saves Heating – less top up water to be heated.

*** Zelbrite was tested by the Australian Water Quality Centre.
ZELBRITE is the only filter to remove ammonia which means more comfortable water for swimmers.

Zelbrite… delivering more for less

Commercial pool operators get more for less when using Zelbrite. Zelbrite has a higher bulk density compared to other pool media. This means you can use 25% less zelbrite than sand, i.e. for every 100kgs of sand you only have to use 75kgs of Zelbrite and still obtain superior water filtration.

Gravity Filters

Gravity Filters have been around since the 1950s and are basically a concrete tank with a series of mushroom shaped laterals in the floor of the tank. For many years the industry has used sand as a media. The water from the pool is pumped in at the top of the tank with the water slowly running down through the sand and through the laterals at the bottom of the tank and then back to the pool.

The size of pump and the size of the pool controls the length of time it takes to turn over the pools water. Unfortunately, most gravity filters, that have sand as their filtration media, do not have the capacity to produce the very best quality when the pool is subject to heavy bathing loads.

This can very easily be overcome by changing to Zelbrite filter media. The use of the 3 specially grades sizes which will increase the flow rate by a minimum of 30%. This will improve the water and maintain top quality water no matter the increased bathing load and as a bonus it will greatly improve the backwashing — saving both water and chemicals.

This is far cheaper than installing new filters.

high rate pressure filters
High-Rate Pressure Filters

The modern High-Rate pressures are a big improvement over the old-style gravity filters and as the High Rate suggests can turn the water over in far less time and can handle the larger bathing loads.

For best results it is important to use the correct grades of media to maximize the flow of water through the filter tank both when filtering and will backwash in half the time which will save water plus, chemicals and heating.

The modern high-rate pressure filters come in both vertical and horizontal configuration

Filter media grades

There are 3 grades of Zelbrite used in commercial pools. They are:

  • Zelbrite filter media 0.7 to 2mm***
  • Under media 4 to 6mm
  • Support media 8 to 15mm
Zelbrite… its hardness means better value for money.

Zelbrite is the hardest pool filtration media on the market. On the mohs scale of hardness diamonds are at the top of the scale at 10 — Zelbrite coming in at 7 mohs and river sand down around 5 mohs.

The hardness of Zelbrite means that it will outlast sand and is so very hard it will scratch glass which is made from silica glass.

At the end of its life, approx. 10 years, Zelbrite is simply a natural product and can be spread around the garden to enhance the soil and improving its water holding where ground glass can only be disposed of in land fill.


I wish to let all know in the Aquatic family that Goulburn Aquatic Centre recently changed our gravitational filters with Zelbrite Filter Media and found the product to be of high quality. We have been using Zelbrite Filter Media in our Indoor pool for approximately 10 years with great water quality and the best part is having to perform less frequent backwashing. With Goulburn’s lack of water this has been of great benefit.

I can strongly recommend this product to anyone considering changing from sand or any other product to give it a go. After 5 months of having Zelbrite Filter Media in our 50m pool we have had no issues with our water quality even through our hazardous periods of smoke/ dust residue that have plagued Goulburn last summer.

Graham RutherfordAquatic Centre Operations Coordinator

Over the course of my life so far l have had 3 pools, each of them with sand filters, until on advice about 12 years ago I replaced the sand in my current pool with Zeolite.

Immediately I noticed much clearer water and a longer interval between backwashing, something I find wasteful of water.

By now I would have replaced sand at least 2 times, so I appreciate the longevity of Zeolite and the simple process of regeneration.

Stephen JonesSouth Australia

We previously had to change our sand filters every 18 months. Using Zeolite we get far longer usage, clarity of our water has improved, and customers are commenting on the quality of the water. We are happy to talk about and recommend the use of Zeolite and the results at our pool.

Geelong Aquatic CentreCommercial Pool Filtration


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