Residential Pools

Residential Pools

Our pools are a key part of our lifestyle. It is where we have fun with family and friends, relax or work on our well-being. You want superior water quality and this is achieved by using Zelbrite® in your filter.

Zelbrite ® is a natural mineral that outperforms any other pool filter media, including glass. It has been independently tested to filter down to 2 microns. No other pool filter media can filter down to this level. In fact, Zelbrite ® delivers crystal clear water with less energy, chemical power and time.

Zelbrite’s superior filtration qualities enables you to have longer periods between backwashing and in doing so, using less water.

Zelbrite’s features and benefits

Zelbrite’s features and benefits are summarised in the photo below:

You deserve the best pool filter media in your filters and zelbrite